Service and compliance

Compliance as a Service offerings are often designed for businesses in industries such as healthcare, banking and retail that are required to comply with regulations governing their use of IT. Compliance as a Service can include any number of solutions including security, patch management, encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and physical security. In addition, the provider may offer services such as risk assessments, monitoring and reporting, audits, certifications, and consulting.

CaaS providers typically supply their customers with access to software and support materials that have been designed to be compliant with specific regulations. This is because compliance concerns manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the organization's line of business and location.

Service Facilities

We provide CaaS for the following sectors.

  • Healthcare
  • In finance
  • In retail

CaaS is an emerging industry and it can be confusing for line of business (LOB) folks to read through a cloud provider's SLAs and understand what is actually being offered. To build trust, some vendors that offer CaaS will first get certified for regulations they support.

There are several major advantages to outsourcing your compliance needs with our CaaS solution:

  • Reduced legal risks
  • Time and cash savings
  • Increased trust and loyalty
  • Preparation for future audits
  • Ease of risk assessment and advanced
  • strategy preparation
  • Boosted security

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