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About Us

11 Years Of Experience

MEHBUB GENERAL TRADING PLC, which was established in 2009 GC is a company that focuses on providing Telco, ICT and cyber security solutions. We have been in the market long enough to understand our clients and customers requirements. We have a team of professionals with long years of experience and knowledge to meet the needs and requirements of clients; with our focus to bring new values and standards to the ICT and cyber security market we strive to give our clients custom made and best fit solutions.

  • Network and Data center
  • Cyber security solution
  • Digital Signage & QMS
  • Collaboration solution
  • Service and Compliance
  • Application Dvelopment
  • Managed Service provider
  • Managed Security service
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Our Stories

We started small business
and now we are investing on different


Our Mission

To bring innovative and research-based
ICT and cyber security solutions to the market


Our Vision

Our Aim is to deliver Quality technology
solutions and professional services to our
clients enabling them to achieve their desired
business goals.

Keep Runing

Looking for Certified professionals

Mehbubgt PLC is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for change
management and depth in their respective areas of expertise. Our dedicated professionals
bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to their work.

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Service We Provide

A well designed, reliable and secure network is the backbone of any organization. After all,
your entire IT infrastructure depends on the network cabling, switches and wireless devices that join everything together.

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Service and compliance

Mehbub helps you define, manage, and optimize your compliance processes so you can achieve: Continuous compliance with a broad array of industry standards and regulations Stringent governance, Effective risk management, Efficient monitoring and rationalization of internal controls etc

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Collaboration Solution

Our Collaborative Solutions has the proven expertise to guide you through end-to-end transformation. From strategy consulting to deployment to post-production support, you can think of Collaborative as an extension of our team.

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Electronic Security

We supply and fit all types of electronic security systems including alarms, motion sensors and monitored CCTV systems.

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