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Mehbub General Trading PLC is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for change management and depth in their respective areas of expertise. Our dedicated professionals bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to their work.

13 Years Of Experience

Established in 2009 GC, MEHBUB GENERAL TRADING PLC, is a seasoned IT solutions provider, offering fully functional, highly loaded corporate systems. With a unique blend of functional & operational knowledge, technical expertise, and result-oriented management experience, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of solutions comprising of: network and data center, cyber security solution, digital signage & queue machine, electronic security, collaboration solution, service and compliance, application development, and smart x technologies.

  • Network and Data center
  • Cyber security solution
  • Digital Signage & QMS
  • Managed service provider
  • Managed security service
  • Collaboration solution
  • Service and Compliance
  • Application Development

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Delivering Quality Work with a Global Team of 75+ Professionals

Welcoming you to Mehbubgtplc We have over 13 years of expertise in the sector, making us the industry leader. Our dedication to excellence and high-quality work has helped us become a respected brand on the market.

We are proud of our team, which consists of more than fifty full-time employees and twenty-five remote workers. Each team member is highly qualified and committed to achieving great outcomes. We believe in fostering an atmosphere that encourages development and learning through fostering positivity and diversity at work.

Mehbubgtplc recognizes that quality is crucial to success, which is why we place an emphasis on it in all of our endeavors. Our staff is dedicated to producing work that adheres to the highest standards and surpasses the expectations of our customers.

We are also happy to have employees from outside of Ethiopia, enabling us to provide a truly worldwide service. Our reach and skills extend well beyond our local limits, allowing us to provide solutions that are suited to our customers’ specific requirements.

We appreciate your interest in Mehbubgtplc for your future project. We anticipate surpassing your expectations when we collaborate with you.

Your Trusted Partner for Customized Solutions

Throughout the last 13 years, Mehbubgtplc is pleased to have successfully completed several projects in a variety of areas. Our portfolio includes colleges, technological firms, government agencies, and many more. We take great satisfaction in our ability to tailor solutions to the specific requirements of each customer. Our experienced staff contributes a depth of experience and knowledge to every project, allowing us to provide work that beyond expectations. We recognize that each project is unique and needs a customized approach. Hence, we collaborate closely with our customers to comprehend their needs, goals, and ambitions. This allows us to build solutions that are not only effective, but also long-lasting. Our dedication to quality and perfection has won us a reputation among our customers as a reliable business partner. We believe in establishing long-lasting partnerships founded on mutual trust, regard, and a dedication to achievement. We appreciate your consideration of Mehbubgtplc for your next project. We anticipate working with you and providing outstanding outcomes.

We offer tech value, We offer a range of tech solutions that can help you improve your business operations and increase efficiency.


Service We Provide

We thoroughly evaluate client
needs before providing a customized, time-and-investment optimized technological solution.

Electronic Security

With a wide range of intrusion, fire, video, access, and integrated systems & services, MEHBUB has established a solid ...

Digital Signage & Queue Machine

We use technologies such as LCD, LED, and Projection to display digital images, video, streaming media, ...

Cyber Security solution

Using simulations of opponents powered by threat intelligence and detailed analysis of the backend infrastructure of highly networked devices...

Network and Data Center

Full-stack networking and security virtualization platforms are used to provide a wide range of data services in network...

Application Development

Our application software developers are industry-specific technology experts with many years of combined experience delivering interoperable...

Service and compliance

Security, patch management, encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and physical security are just a few examples of the solutions we offer ...

Collaboration Solution

We offer specialized end-to-end consultation, deployment, and managed services to help organizations turn their workplaces into digital ones ...

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