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11 Years Of Experience

MEHBUB GENERAL TRADING PLC, which was established in 2009 GC is a company that focuses on providing Telco, ICT and cyber security solutions. We have been in the market long enough to understand our clients and customers requirements. We have a team of professionals with long years of experience and knowledge to meet the needs and requirements of clients; with our focus to bring new values and standards to the ICT and cyber security market we strive to give our clients custom made and best fit solutions.

  • Network and Data center
  • Cyber security solution
  • Digital Signage & QMS
  • Collaboration solution
  • Service and Compliance
  • Application Dvelopment
  • Managed Service provider
  • Managed Security service
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Mehbub General Trading PLC is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for change
management and depth in their respective areas of expertise. Our dedicated professionals
bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to their work.

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